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Why Lukas?

Lukas Dashcam.... Not just your typical Dashcam.

Lukas Dashcam is a well known brand in the dash cam industry and has 30% market share in Korea.

Lukas is a self-management system that offers end-users/drivers downloadable FULL HD Video & Audio recordings, in the event of an incident, accident or emergency situation. All the data is stored onto an on-board SD memory card, which is fitted into the actual unit.

Unique features:

  • Designed and made with high quality components.
  • Advanced playback functionality on the Lukas viewer platform on your PC.
  • High memory capacity support. (Up to 256GB SD Card)
  • Temperature resistant from as low as - 20°C up to 80°C. (Tested in special high temperature ovens)
  • Easy installed, PLUG & PLAY system with either hard-wire or Lighter Jack power source.

Functionality & Technical Specs:

  • 1 - 2 Channel Camera System. (Front & Rear view dependent on model)
  • FULL HD & HD Video Recording quality.
  • Built-In GPS & Motion Detection sensor.
  • G-Sensor (Triggered event recordings)
  • Always-on, Event & Motion recording.
  • Manual "Emergency" Recording button.
  • Built-In high quality audio microphone & LED light.
  • Lukas Viewer displays: Time & Date, Distance, co-ordinates, GPS Speed, GPS Location etc.


  • Provides reputable evidence in the event of an accident/incident.
  • Provides additional safety & security in emergency situations.
  • Reduces time to settle insurance claims & disputes.
  • Record & monitor your races & lap times etc.
  • Save those memories of your vacation- or business trips

There are many more great advantages of choosing the right dash cam and using one in your vehicle.

Lukas has unrivaled quality and durability.

Choose wisely and choose Lukas Dashcam.